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Members and guests discuss a wide range of topics across paediatrics and child health - from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Nov 19, 2020

Back in September we began the call for nominations for our next President, who will take the reins from Professor Russell Viner as we move through a very challenging time.

The President serves as the leader of the membership and is the key public face of RCPCH, both nationally and internationally. Importantly, they represent the College’s ultimate beneficiaries: children and young people.

Over the last few weeks, our &Us team has been speaking with children and young people to find out the five questions they’d like candidates to answer to help members cast their vote. We're pleased to now share those answers with you.



Simon Clark

Camilla Kingdon

Jane Valente

David Vickers



00:00 - Introduction

01:47 - Question 1: How do you think a young person would describe you? (Rachael, age 22, from Wokingham)

05:24 - Question 2: What is the biggest issue for children and young people that you want to work on? (Phoebe, age 21, from Manchester)

09:12 - Question 3: How would you involve children and young people at the College? (Anisah, age 17, from London)

13:02 - Question 4: Give an example of a child or young person who has fundamentally changed your thinking or the way you work? (Jude, age 9, from Lisburn)

17:05 - Question 5: If you were a biscuit, what would you be? (Brecon, age 10, from Tonyrefail)

20:01 - Wrap-up


Find out more and cast your vote before voting closes on Wednesday 9th December:

If you would like to view text captions for this episode, please visit the College's YouTube channel and enable Closed Captions (CC).