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Members and guests discuss a wide range of topics - from Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Jul 25, 2023

Two paediatricians share thoughts around vulnerability, compassion and belonging at work. Jess and Anna talk about brave spaces, the importance (and limits) of self-care and those "small moments of human connection".

Dr Jess Morgan is a paediatrician and working as a Dinwoodie RCPCH Fellow on an exciting new project, Thrive Paediatrics, which aims to create meaningful change in the working lives of paediatricians. She speaks with Dr Anna Baverstock, a consultant paediatrician at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Find out more about Thrive Paediatrics on the RCPCH website at We're creating Wellbeing and Innovation Networks (WINs), communities where paediatricians come together and, using our newly published roadmap, draw from each other’s experiences to activate change.

We’re organising some Thrive 'listening events', so look out for those soon. And if you're a College member and interested in this project, email us at

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