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Members and guests discuss a wide range of topics - from Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Oct 4, 2022

Our mission to improve child health doesn't end at our borders. The RCPCH Global programme partners with paediatric societies, global aid organisations and local agencies to train, advise and offer medical support.

In our third episode of our 'in conversation' series on the College Strategy, our Head of Global Sebastian Taylor speaks with Dr Sue Broster, Officer for Global Child Health and a consultant neonatologist about the important role the College plays in improving global child health. 

Sue tells us, "I think we're really seeing our membership start to say, is there something that we should be doing more loudly, more vociferously in a really constructive way, through advocacy for a range of issues in the global health arena as much as we're doing it in a number of other areas like child protection, safeguarding, etc."

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